Telescope Hosting

The Flagstaff Star Party – Meet the Stars! would not be possible without the assistance of volunteer telescope hosts. With your vital assistance, along with the support of our Sponsors and Partners, our mission is t0 bring the wonder and beauty of our star-filled Universe to any and all, free of light pollution (almost!) and free of charge.

If you have a portable telescope and a passion to share stars and astronomy with others, we welcome you to consider becoming a FSP Telescope Host! Because of the number of attendees (averaging about 1,000 per night!) and the fact that Telescope Hosts and their telescopes are the main attraction of the Star Party, and because of Buffalo Park regulations and public safety considerations, we must ask the following of Telescope Host volunteers:

  • For whatever nights you volunteer (and you may volunteer for one, two, or all three nights), please plan on being at the Park at 4pm sharp for setup, and remaining until take-down beginning at 10pm. We will depend on you!
  • If you need power, keep in mind that there is no electrical power available, and due to fire danger no generators are possible. Batteries only.
  • You may use your vehicle to bring your telescope and any associated equipment to your assigned set-up location.
  • During the event, your vehicle will be parked at a special location near the back (north side) of the Park, and after parking you will have to walk 200-600 yards back to your telescope (sorry!).

In return for your support, FDSC and our sponsors and Partners will treat you and your family to

  • An invitation-only VIP reception at Lowell Observatory (Saturday, Oct 2nd noon-2pm).
  • We are trying to arrange a special invitation-only tour (Sunday, Oct 3rd) newest Flagstaff telescope – a 1.8 m telescope – nearing completion at the US Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station.  NOFS is not open to the public, so f the event can be secured this will be a truly unique opportunity!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please CLICK HERE to begin your 3-step volunteer registration! And Thanks!

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