The Flagstaff Star Party

Flagstaff Star Party and 2022 Celebration of the Night

The 2022 Celebration of the Night continues through the end of October 2022!  Check out the Calendar of events and make your plans to enjoy Flagstaff’s special connection to the night in the First International Dark-Sky City!
Star Party September 22 through September 24, 2022

2022 Events

Please visit the Flagstaff Star Party page and our Facebook page, for the Calendar of Events and more information.

Telescope viewing, night-sky orientations, music,
and fascinating presentations about the stars and night skies
at Buffalo Park in the
First International Dark-Sky City


Celebration of the NightNight Sky Photography Workshop with Stan Honda, NightVisions Satellite exhibits at downtown galleries, and other events – see the Calendar of Events!

Flagstaff – Home of the World’s most Accessible Dark Skies!

Touring the sky in the Binocular Circle – returning to FSP 2022

The Flagstaff Star Party – Meet the Stars and 2022 Celebration of the Night





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Flagstaff Station

USGS Astrogeology Science Center Flagstaff